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Restroom Review: Sproul 1102 UNISEXUAL!

These are the individual bathrooms at the entrance of the Sproul 1102 lecture hall. There are not many places on campus that you can truly be alone…Privacy: No other bathroom with offer you privacy like this one, which is great! I am tired of some creepy dude always looking over at my junk at the urinal! The privacy of this bathroom though, is its greatest downfall. You can be assured that almost every person passing through here has been dropping a load and did not want anyone to hear. I know for a fact that this is where my friend goes when he is feeling sick.

Now remember for a second that we are in a high hormone environment called college, sometimes we can’t wait to get home with that special someone. I know from personal experience, that it is possible to sneak 2 in for a little fun lock the door and get away with it, and I bet other have too. So keep that in mind when you sit down, might wanna take extra care if you don’t wanna catch some sexually transmitted disease.

5/5 for intimate privacy!

Cleanliness: It is not the cleanest thing in the world, this is how messy it was at 8am on a Monday. And the entire bathroom smelled a little funny, maybe dead bugs. If you wish to locate all the dead bugs, just look up to the light fixture that may fall on your head at any moment. Not super sexy…

3/5 for cleanliness

Conclusion: Despite this being on the dirtier side, and it is one of theĀ  older bathrooms on campus, this is one of my favorites. I have privacy and many great memories in here. Sproul 1102, you have been there for me and others in a time of need.


4/5 Holy shits!