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Restroom Review:Psychology Building (1st Floor Women’s)

Background Info:

Personally, I am really picky about restrooms. In other words, I am kinda like a “mysophobia” person. I always try to avoid using public restrooms because I feel very uncomfortable sitting on toilets that people have sat on it for so many times. Therefore, if it’s necessary, I need to go to the restrooms that are super clean or else I would just hold my pee until I get home. I know this is weird, but that’s how picky I am about restrooms (LOL).

So, I would say looking for clean restrooms is one of the weirdest things I usually do while I am at school. One of the restrooms that I found that’s pretty clean is located at the first floor of Psychology Building. Since I have classes in Olmsted Hall, I go to this restroom quite often. Indeed, I have pretty good experiences there and I consider this restroom as one of the cleanest restrooms on campus.


When you walk in, you can see there are six stalls on the left hand side, mirrors and sinks on the right hand side,  and a black trash can next to the door. The restroom overall  is nice, and it has simple design. Score 5/5 


This is pretty much one of the cleanest restrooms you can find on campus. You won’t see  toilet paper all over the floor like another restrooms on campus, and it does not smell bad! The sinks are pretty clean also, and you won’t see hair and mold sticking on them. Score 5/5


The toilets are very clean and they are all in manual flush. The best thing is that there is no yellow stain or leak on every one of them. Therefore, you can actually feel comfortable when you sit on it, especially when you need to go “NO. 2” (In this case, you don’t need to lift up your butt, LOL)

Seat covers were all filled in every stall, and there is a little trash can next to the toilets for our (women) convenience.

Two big rolls of toilet paper were  loaded properly in every stall, GREAT!

There are two sinks, two manual soap dispensers, two manual paper towel dispensers, and one big  mirror. I would say they are all nice and clean. However, the only compliant that I have is that two sinks are actually not enough while  there are six stalls. This is because sometimes people actually need to “line up” to wash their hands. This might not happen to guys, but  I see girls usually take SUPER LONG in front of the mirror, putting make ups, doing their hair, looking at their face, blah blah blah…. In this case, you  always have to wait til people to finish in order to wash your hands.  Well, I am not a girl who would spend so much time doing all those things in front of the mirror. So, it’s pretty annoying, especially during time when you are rushing to your next class. Score 4/5


I usually don’t see a lot of people going into this restrooms whenever I walk in. So it’s a pretty quiet restroom. Since the layout of the restroom is great,  I always feel comfortable using this restroom. Score 5/5


This is probably one of the newest and nicest restrooms you can find on campus. So for those of you who have “mysophobia”  like me, although you might need to walk a little further, I do recommend you guys to go to this bathroom! (LOL)

The Verdict:

5/5 Toilets:  Just Go! Don’t need to hold “IT”!


Restroom Review: HUB’s 3rd Floor (a BETTER one)

Background: As some of you probably do as well, I have one of those dreaded 8:10 a.m. classes. Because of this, I often find myself roaming around for a good napping spot after class. While I have a few preferred areas, this day I was beat to the punch by other fellow UCR nappers. As I was wandering around the 3rd floor of the HUB in search of a quiet and comfortable place to rest my eyes, I suddenly felt a rumbly in my tumbly and decide to take a quick (or maybe not so quick) pit stop. I stumbled upon a bathroom revelation….a SINGLE TOILET restroom! Let’s check it out…

For guys, girls, and handicaps!

Layout: As soon as I opened the door I realized I was in for a special treat. There in front of me stands one beautiful toilet. One sink. One paper towel dispenser. One EVERYTHING. This bathroom is made for ONE person! (at a time at least) I sure feel special! Score: 5/5

Perfect....just perfect...

Cleanliness: This restroom is obviously not very well known, which really surprised me with it being in one of the most popular buildings on campus. There are no paper towels on the floor; they’re actually in the trash can! (imagine that) No turds left floating for the next unsuspecting user. Not even any pee puddles left on the seat OR floor. Zilch! Nothing! Nada! I mean, it even SMELLS good…more on that later. Score: 5/5

Clean AND motion detected flush 🙂

Amenities: As soon as I walked into this restroom I noticed all of its state of the art bathroom equipment. Motion sensor toilet…check! Motion sensor faucet…check! Motion sensor paper towel dispenser…check! Things are looking on the up and up for this restroom. But it wasn’t until I was pleasantly relaxing on the old lavatory when I realized its true beauty. The motion activated AIR FRESHENER promptly sprayed some of its heavenly goodness into the air and right into my nostrils. Not only do I not have to smell other people’s poop, I don’t even have to smell my own! Score: 5/5

It sees me...

Privacy: Single…..toilet….bathroom….Don’t get me started on this again! I feel this bathroom was made just for ME! (or any other lucky pass byer for that matter) Score: 5/5

Closing Statement: This relatively unknown miracle of a bathroom is every public pooper’s dream-come-true. Because of this (and my immense generosity) I will even give you the short cut directions straight to it! In between the student services building and the HUB there is a set of outside stairs that lead to the 2nd floor of the HUB. However, don’t stop there. Look a bit harder and you’ll see MORE stairs that lead up to the 3rd floor of the HUB. Take no concern that I am leading you in through a fire escape, for that door leads to pure pooping ecstasy!


5/5 Toilets – Pooper’s Paradise!