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Are you gonna eat it???

So What do you guys think about these food here????Do they look delicious to you????LOL


Few years ago, I went to Hong Kong to visit my family. One day, my cousin took me to a restaurant called “Modern Toilet Restaurant”. At first, I was like “What the heck!?”. I mean the restaurant itself looked interesting because the theme of the restaurant is all about restroom, which is pretty rare. You could actually see toilets every where in the restaurant. The most interesting that is that they made their food to look like the “STUFF” that you would see when you are in a restroom (just like the pictures above). I would say they are quite interesting at first, but they actually grossed me out while I was eating the food. ¬†Well, Unfortunately, this restaurant does not exist in Hong Kong anymore, but people who wanna try it can still find such restaurant in Taiwan ( cuz the restaurant is originated in Taiwan) ! LOL

Here is the website the restaurant!

So, What do you guys think about this restaurant? 




I was using the bathroom at home the other day. I was pooing happily, but as I reached to get toilet paper, all I felt was cardboard. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

I had to do this awkward butt clenching thing as I ran to go get a new roll. Why couldn’t my roommate just replace it? I don’t know. Please, people. Just replace the damn roll when you know you finished it.

Behind the bushes

This review is a little different, and it starts off with a story. One night I am walking around on campus, and I find a few drunk guys walking around stumbling all over themselves. One thing led to another, and two of the guys ended up peeing behind a bush. I have returned to review this bush!


The layout of this “bathroom” is the most simple I think I have ever seen. You are only provided with some dirt and a bush so short you will have to duck to hide from the view of others. UCR really needs to step up their game on the bush bathrooms around campus. At least put out some nice toilet paper and a shovel so we can bury our waste…..


In my days I have peed in many bushes, alleys, etc, and this bush is surprisingly private. I feel I could hide back here all night and no one would even notice. If the guys I was that night were not so loud and drunk, in all honesty I probably would have never found them.

4/5 for Privacy


So during my investigation I wondered back here assessing how clean the bathroom was, and I was surprised at how clean it was back here. No trash, used condoms, or dead animals, and as a bonus it had a clean forest like smell! I have seen actual bathrooms on campus and other areas that smelled and looked far nastier.

5/5 for Cleanliness


At the end of the day, if you are a little drunk and outside Rivera Library with a strong urge to pee, and no where to go, I would strongly recommend this bush.


3/5 Drunken Pisses