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Where Are the X-Men?!

Once upon a time...Professor Xavier pooped here...

At one point in time, the first floor Sproul restroom, as disgusting as it is, was home to none other than the X-Men restroom. This picture shown above is that restroom, except there, of course, was an “X -” in front of the men…

It looked a lot like this picture I found on Google actually.

Where have the mutants gone? Were they shunned from the UCR campus as how they are shunned from society? I strongly believe UCR, being a university that prides itself on it’s acceptance of a wide range of ethnicities, should come to accept mutants as well. Its injustices like this that push Magneto to destroy the Golden Gate Bridge and stuff like in that second movie.

That is all.

"Wait! No! DON'T TAKE IT AWAY! My legs man. Bro..."


Effective Butt – Toilet Management

A philosophical debate has raged for centuries: What is the best way to cover the seat while you’re using it?

If you ask me, the “provided by management” toilet seat covers (aka ass gaskets) are too flimsy and ineffective.  They take longer to properly lay out than a jigsaw puzzle, normally leading to leakage.  I prefer to just grab two pieces of toilet paper, double layering it of course, and just lay them across the two sides of the toilet.  Then there are those who are true daredevils, preferring to use even the worst of toilets bare-skinned.  I don’t know what drives people to do this, but (or should I say butt ;D) who am I to pass judgment.  This is an argument that we, as a unified race, should decide.  So, what’s your choice?


This Needs To Be Settled.

Friendly advice for the home and beyond

Please do not load toilet paper in this way.  The roll should flutter out freely from the front.  The toilet should be a pleasant experience for the user. When loaded improperly, the roll holder cuts our paper supply off prematurely, leaving little to no barrier between our spasming brown holes and our hands.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so show a little love to your fellow human and put that toilet paper in right.

The next time you go and blow your hands dry…

Toilet Training

For those people who seem to aim for the seat and floor…

Hello Highlanders!

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*RateMyUCRestrooms is maintained and ran by UCR marketing students under Professor Tom Novak’s BUS 118 course.