Restroom Review: Pierce 1st Floor (Women’s)

Now I usually wouldn’t base my opinion on merely one visit to a restroom, but I have to say, that one experience has scarred me into not wanting to come back…

Background (story):

I got out of my last class at 6:30pm, and I was heading over to the Coffee Bean to meet up with a study group when I felt the urge on the way to class. I was passing by Pierce so I figured I’d just stop by the bathroom. Mind you, I’m quite familiar with the Pierce first floor women’s bathroom; my friends and I like to sit out on the tables right outside the building. So I rushed in, closed the door behind me on the only stall in the bathroom and for a lack of better words, started to mind my own business. But that’s when it happened…

My business was rudely interrupted when the lights went out. I don’t know how it happened, whether it was a janitor turning off the lights, or some jerk who wanted to play a prank, but I know for a fact that it was not a power outage (noticed that the hall lights outside of the bathroom were still on right after I zipped up and bolted). That bathroom was DARK. It already sucks when something like that happens to you in your own home, but in a public restroom when you’re by yourself?! Highly unnerving… And if you’ve ever been in the Pierce bathroom, it’s hard not to let your imagination run wild…

The Layout: There is one large stall that is handicap friendly and one sink, which may be slightly inconvenient if you do happen upon a person in the bathroom. Space could be somewhat limited, especially if there is more than one person in the room waiting for that one stall. But what really gives this bathroom it’s spooky character is the decor… There are two rose paintings hung up on the wall which, when hung up at the time, were meant to give this bathroom a more feminine charm. However, my first thought was from this…

Pretty pictures....

to this…


There are also two tall windows that look out to somewhere outside the building, but you can tell that the foliage on the outside of the building is unkempt since it snakes its way up and over the windows so you can’t actually see out.

It's not even raining...

Score 3/5

Cleanliness: Since there is only one stall, most of the time the ladies like to keep this restroom clean, in case they happen to run into the next person using it on the way out. The toilet is a manual flush, but as someone who flushes with their foot, I’m not particularly phased. I’ve never seen the toilet leak, and there trash bin is always emptied so there aren’t paper towels overflowing all over the place, so despite the old appearance this restroom is pretty clean.

Insert Grudge Girl.... here^

Score 5/5

Amenities: Fortunately the amenities in this restroom are not as old as the building! The paper towel dispenser is “no-handed” where you can use your forearm or elbow to dispense the paper towel as opposed to pulling a lever with your wet hands. Not only that, but there is not one, but two paper towel dispensers! Since there is low traffic in this restroom, there’s no real danger of running out of toilet paper, and the toilet seat covers are always available.

Unfortunately, there is no coat hook where you can hang your bag/sweater off the door, so you’d have to leave your belongings in the corner while you conduct your business. Lastly, from a women’s perspective, if you do find yourself waiting for the stall, there is a large waist high mirror where you can proceed to check yourself out, and do a little touch-up on your make-up. Although as someone who has gotten a bad case of the “heeby-jeebies” in this particular bathroom, the mirror only accentuates your feelings of paranoia, particularly when you keep thinking that that shadow in the mirror wasn’t your own…
Score 4.5/5

Privacy: The majority of the school population (aside from chem majors) don’t even really know that this bathroom exists, and given that it’s a “one staller”, there really is not a lot of people that go in and out of this washroom.

However, there’s always that moment of silence where you’re waiting for the first person to finish but you can hear everything from the toilet paper being unrolled to the toilet being flushed, and the awkward confrontation you have with the person coming out of the stall with the knowledge that “that person” has just used the toilet before you. It also goes both ways where if you’re the one that’s actually in the stall, you hope and pray that you don’t accidentally fart.
Score 3/5

Closing Statements: Before my traumatizing experience, I had been a regular visitor of this seemingly harmless bathroom. It was almost pleasant.

Maybe it's a nice ghost...

But I recommend not using this restroom in the evenings. To this day, I don’t know how the lights went out… maybe it was just me over thinking the few possible things that might have occurred. Or, perhaps, it was the spirit of a begrudged student that haunts this single stalled restroom… I’ll leave that for you to decide.

The Verdict:

4/5 Toilets – Scared Shitless…


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